About Us

A & Z Architectural Engineering Consultants is one of the leading consultants specialized in the architectural and civil engineering field.  Our company is registered in various governmental sectors in Dubai, sanctioned by many governmental organizations and corporations as well as by private sectors.

Our determination to boost the company forwards to a new modern era of work that is unique in its quality and work in the construction field and to provide the urge and stimulation with in a new propelling development and growth that the U.A.E. is visualizing at the moment.  Going back to A & Z records and its long lasting and various experience in the consultancy and engineering works and following up many projects which is accomplished through the years in Dubai in the field of architecture and designing buildings, hotels, commercial buildings, residential, schools and mosques did grant a tendency of force and a very special and peculiar identity in the engineering field that thrive and flourish now-a-day in the new era development.