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A & Z Engineering Consultant
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Range of Services


Preliminary Studies:
 Feasibility Studies, Consulting and Expert Opinion,Location Analysis, Costing and Cost Estimates.



Urban and Regional planning:
Town planning, Regional planning, Transportation planning, Traffic management, urban renewal, urban  design, landscape design.



Touristic and Recreational Development:
Recreational Planning, Development of Tourism,Design of facilities and Design of Summer Resorts.


Architectural Engineering:
Comprehensive design of project of any size or complexity. Technical and Administrative supervision of the construction operations.



Project Management:
Cost control, value engineering, owner representation, Project programming.


Interior Design:
Interior Design and Décor Design Showrooms, Exhibition and Fairs.



Civil Engineering:
Surveying, Structural design work, site development, water supply, drainage and sewage, Roads and parking facilities.



Utilities and Technical Installations:
Air-conditioning, Heating, Ventilating, sanitary, Power supply, Mechanical systems.



Environmental studies:
Environmental planning, environmental control, pollution control, Sustainable building systems.


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